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Greed Cancer Cells Follow Laws Of Evolution

July 13, 2011

Greed Cancer Cells Also Follow Laws Of Evolution

Failing Treatment Of Economic Collapse Simplified
(May 18 2010)

A. “Survival of the fittest: even cancer cells follow the laws of evolution”

Of course. Expected. Cancered cells proliferate. The energy constraint of their genome is enhanced. Their genes effect ingestion of the energy of their host cells in order to survive. They proliferate, evolve. Yes, theirs is a shorter survival time, postponement time of loss of energy, shorter than the survival time of uncancered organism’s
cells. But, like and even more than most humans, they instinctively act per their
encountered circumstances. This is evolution. This is natural evolution.

B. Life genetics is driven by culture. Culture is a ubiquitous biological entity

There is natural ubiquitous evolution and there is human cultural evolution. Humans evolved language, that became a biological entity.

Whereas nature’s evolutionary rungs are gains or losses of energy constraints for few “fittest” at ongoing circumstantial constellations, including modifications of genetic expressions, some Western cultured groups assess and extend the prospective temporal limits of evolution beyond the immediate scenario. They manipulate the circumstantial constellations, postponing or modifying natural evolution, to gain enhanced energy constraints for a community much larger than of “few fittest”. This is what all levels of politics are about. Local, national and international.

C. Greed cancer cells also follow laws of evolution, with money being the cultural energy of humans.

Not only physiological cancer cells follow the laws of evolution. Human greed culture cancer cells follow them, too. Evolution is evolution.

EOTOE. The total amount of cosmic energy is constant even as mass diminishes, fueling the ongoing cosmos expansion. Hence the universal melee of mass formats specimens to ingest each other’s energy to survive, to postpone their own conversion to energy. Ingesting energy translates into ingesting mass, which is the other face of energy. Humans artificed money and money ethics to stand for energy. The ideal ethical goal per the 20th-21st centuries technology culture is to amass money, the human energy artifact, and to maintain a stable thriving banking system to service the money. Humanity’s present technology culture is founded on the brilliant idea that whereas in nature it takes work, converting of mass, to ‘amass/constrain’ energy, humans will – instead – print money, print it and base on it a make-belief ethics-culture, founded on make-belief energy. Printing money, posits the brilliant thinking, enables us to bypass nature, to spend more energy than we actually amassed.

D. So again and again, the present economic collapse will not be repaired by mechanisms but by basic cultural modifications

The greed cancer culture cure requires a prolonged resolute determined change of culture, of values and ethics and goals and modes and patterns of  living and consumption.


Dov Henis
(Comments From The 22nd Century)

Quote: “Does the comment by Dov Henis make sense to anyone?”

Yes. It does. Plain and simple.
The greed cancer evolved and persists biologically. “Human nature”. Its cure requires modifying of a natural process, i.e. cultural modification. Trials of various mechanisms within the present Technology Culture will not cure anything. They will ONLY buy VERY LITTLE time and will inevitably lead to a greater collapse…

Plain and simple, but who is prepared to indulge in a prolonged resolute determined change of culture, of values and ethics and goals, of consumption and living modes and patterns. It is much easier to play hopeful make-belief with mechanisms…



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