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03.2010 Updated Life Manifest

July 13, 2011

03.2010 Updated Life Manifest )

 Recapitulation of some earlier notes on the “Scientific Comprehension Of The Origin, Drive, Nature And Purpose Of Life”

A. Uniqueness Of science among human artifacts

 ALL aspects of our culture are, of course, anthropoartifacts, including science. Yet among those artifacts science has a distinct uniqueness for us.

 During the recent several centuries in the course of human history humans have been developing science at an accelerating rate as a provider of convincing, ever closer approaching, approximate models of the real world.


B. Origin and nature of life

 28Dec09 Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)]  posted Feb 3 2010

  Astronomically there are two “physics”, a “classical physics” system of and between galactic clusters, and a “quantum physics” system WITHIN the galactic clusters.

 The onset of big-bang’s inflation started gravity, with formation of galactic clusters that behave as accelerating Newtonian bodies while continuously reconverting their shares of pre-inflation masses back to energy, that continuously fuels their ongoing expansion motion, coupled with endless intertwined evolutions WITHIN the clusters in attempts to resist-postpone this reconversion.

As mass is just another face of energy it is commonsensible to regard not only life, but mass in general, as a format of temporarily constrained energy.

 It therefore ensues that whereas the in-space expanding cosmic constructs, the galaxies clusters, are - overall - continuously converting their original pre-inflation mass back to energy, the overall evolution WITHIN them, within the clusters, is in the opposite direction, temporarily constrained energy packages such as black holes and biospheres and other energy-storing mass-formats are precariously forming and “doing best” to survive “as long as possible”.


 C. The drive and nature of Earth life

 Earth life Genesis, formation of the first genes, was a phenomenon of serendipitous occurrence, in a supportive environment, of ‘favorably-coursed’ energy potential between in-coming sun radiation and in-water polymerizing-precipitating RNA-related oligomer configurations.

 The drive of Earth life and of its evolution is to enhance the functionality and survivability of Earth’s genes, in order to maintain and enhance Earth-biosphere’s temporary constrained energy storage, to maintain the biosphere BIO as long as possible.

 The RNA genes are life’s prime strata organisms. They evolved their DNA-images as their stabler  organisms, as their continuously updated operational worklogs, primal Earth’s libraries organisms, and genomed them, i.e. nucleusized them, and celled them with their other organ, the outer cell membranes.

 It is the RNA genes and the members of their collective DNA replicas - life’s prime strata organisms - that evolve, and the evolution of genomes - the 2nd stratum of life - and of the 3rd life stratum, cellular organisms, is an interenhancing consequence of their genes’ evolution.


D. The formation of Earth life

 Earth Life:

 1. a format of temporarily constrained energy, retained in temporary constrained genetic energy packages in forms of genes, genomes and organisms

2. a real virtual affair that pops in and out of existence in its matrix, which is the energy constrained in Earth’s biosphere.

 Earth organism: a temporary self-replicable constrained-energy genetic system that supports and maintains Earth’s biosphere by proliferation and maintenance of genes.

 Gene: a  primal Earth’s organism and/or its functional DNA replica. (1st stratum organism)

 Genome: a multigenes organism, comprising the genes operational replicas-work-patterns, an organ of the primal Earth’s genes, consisting of a cooperative commune of its member genes. (2nd stratum organism)

Cellular organisms: mono- or multi-celled Earth organisms. (3rd stratum organism)


E. Update of underlying life sciences conception is thus feasible:

 - First were independent individual RNA genes, Earth’s primal organisms.

 - Genes aggregated cooperatively into genomes, RNA or their DNA replicas multigenes organisms, with genomes’ organs.

 - Simultaneously or consequently genomes evolved protective-functional membranes, their organs.

 - Then followed cellular organisms, with a variety of outer-cell membrane shapes and functionalities and a variety of inter- and intra-cell processes.

 This is a scientific, NOT A TECHNICAL, life-science conception.

 It is tomorrow’s comprehension of life and of its evolution.



F. The purpose of OUR, human, life:

 The purpose of OUR life and of its promotion is OURS to formulate and set. It derives solely from our cognition.



 Dov Henis

(Comments from 22nd century)

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