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Prsdnt Obama, Academy Help Is NOT AAAS Help

July 12, 2011

President Obama Asks Academy Help Overcome Economy Failure

 Academy Help Is NOT AAAS Help…

THE National Science And Technology Policy ISSUE In The USA (And Therefore Elsewhere…):


The present national-international economic problem is not a mechanism-tactical problem. It is a cultural-strategic problem that requires long, dedicated steadfast cultural modification.

The early 20th century brief burst of scientific evolution, the epitome of The Enlightenment, started expiring 90 years ago, with the birth of the “scientists” (whatever it means) trade-union AAAS. True to the AAAS trade-union interests the scientific evolution has grown into a technology-industrial evolution, with evolved counter-enlightenment, greed culture.

 Science education is about WHAT, not about HOW, is taught. “Scientists’” trade union-politically-controlled “science” cannot be advanced-updated regardless of education system. The USA government and nation-public have strangely allowed a plainly obvious trade-union, AAAS, to be involved in a host of national policies and budgets matters. The motives-interests of the AAAS, just another trade-union, are NOT always-necessarily congruent with the nation-public’s welfare, and it definitely hinders, very effectively, advancement of basic science.


 1) From e-mail May 2009 to ScienceDebate:

 IMO the AAAS has turned science and the science-organizations-establishments into essentially an American, plus some international, guild-union of employees in technology-related industries, academies and organizations, and has turned science into a “popular religion” in the service of the 20th century Technology Culture. It has turned peer review into a tool of corrupt “subversive activities control board”, where the corruption is not inherent in the tool, but in the nature of the science establishment and in the characteristics of its obsequious functionaries. The disappointment with the science establishment is much deeper. Even you, the team of ScienceDebate, have not asked yourselves where were the scientists (what-who are they?) during the years in which the Technology Culture has been reigning supreme and has been evolving into its recent economic collapse. Even you apparently think that the science establishment had-has no share whatsoever in the evolution to the collapse. “Scientists” self-righteously think that increase of “science-technology budget” is essential for repairing the present collapse and posit that this and similar collapses can be prevented if THEIR budgets were higher. The disappointment is that the science establishment has not examined its own contribution to the collapse, its own 90-years continuous deterioration into a servant of the Technology Culture, and into the ludicrous high self-esteem image that it rightly earned and projects today.

2) President Obama Should Consider An Overdue Introspection”, May 26 2009

 Science and scientism are relevant to and involved in ALL aspects of national and international culture and life and thus in all political policies. The call for a scientism culture, for a rational efficient practical, as fair as possible, viable civic framework culture, should come from the people by the people for the people. IMO ScienceDebate calls from the technology-science establishment by the technology-science establishment to persuade the people to go on living with the present technology culture with the present technology-science establishment.

 Science, the historical promise and hope by human Enlightenment, is not what it used to be prior to having been overrun by the AAAS and The Technology Culture.


The present national-international economic problem is not a mechanism-tactical problem curable by smart-wise tactics.

 It is a cultural-strategic failure mandating a long treatment of dedicated steadfast cultural modification .

 Dov Henis

 (comments from 22nd century)

 Update Comprehension Of Universe/Life Evolution, Of RNA/DNA Mismatch-Relationship

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