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Sleep Researchers Are Still Researching

July 16, 2011

Sleep, Again?!

Sleep Researchers Are Still Researching



(The 6th World Congress of the World Sleep Federation

From: Dov Henis

June 27, 2011

To: [email protected]

Sleep Mystery???

Dear “sleep researchers”,

Are you for real ?

Since ten years ago I have been explaining, data based:

- that RNAs are Earth’s primal organisms,

-that ALL Earth’s life is evolved RNAs,

-that (and how/why) RNAs became self-replicable and were active before - of course – bio metabolism evolved,

-that at their pre bio metabolism genesis era their formation and activity were dependent SOLELY on solar energy,

and that therefore… now figure out the rest…

But “sleep researchers” are still “researching” the sleep enigma …..

Respectfully but wondering,

Dov Henis (PhD)

(comments from 22nd century)

B. “News from AAAS”, comment

Why Life Eats And Why Life Sleeps:

-Life ( and other, inanimate, mass spin arrays ) eats because the universe expands.

-Life sleeps because RNAs genesised-evolved long before metabolism evolved. They were active ONLY during sunlight hours. Thus sleep is inherent for RNAs, even
though, being ORGANISMS, they now adapt to when/extent sleep time are feasible…

Dov Henis

(comments from 22nd century)


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