The Shortest Grand Unified Theory

The Shortest Grand Unified Theory

A Three-Sentences Data-Based GUT

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Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

-The 20yrs development, and comprehensive data-based scientism worldview, in a succinct format.

–The Genome is a base organism evolved, and continuously modified, by the genes of its higher organism as their functional template.

– Everything in the universe derives from mass-energy duality, from the universe cycle between its two poles all-mass/all-energy.

– The Origin Of Gravitons is the ONLY thing unknown-unexplained in the Scientism Universe.

PS: Spoon-feeding

The universe is a (circa 20 hillion yrs?) cyclic affair between all-mass and all-energy poles. NATURAL SELECTION of a mass format mandates energy intake because since the big-bang the resolved mass is reconverting at a constant rate from inert mass to energy, to moving mass. The mass that reconverts to energy SELF-REPLICATES to mass, in black holes, for the eventual re-singularity. The energy-to-mass SELF-REPLICATION process is GRAVITY. All this is enabled and goes on and mandated by/due to the small size and shape and inter-attraction of the gravitons that enable zero distance between them to re-form singularity. Black holes extract the gravitons from matter and store them at the low energy level. Singularity is attained only ONCE per circa 20 billion years when ALL the gravitons of the universe are together at zero inter-gravitons space because it takes the totality of their combined low inter-attraction force to form the universal singularity.

I hope that now you understand what gravity is and why it is the monotheism of the universe…DH

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