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Update Natural Selection Comprehension

August 31, 2013

Update Natural Selection Comprehension


“Earth Life is just another mass format. A self-replicating mass format. Self-replication is its mode of evolution, of its natural selection. Its smallest base primal units are the RNAs genes.

The genesis of RNAs genes, life’s primal organisms, is rationally commonsensical thus highly probable, the “naturally-selected” RNA nucleotides. Life began/evolved on Earth with the natural selection of inanimate RNA, then of some RNA nucleotides, and then arriving at the ultimate-utmost  mode of natural selection,  self-replication.”

An organism’s genetics/genome-composition are progenies of its own and its progenitors’ cultures. The drive and target of the organism’s  evolution arrow is NOT its own survival; it is the replication of the sum of genes whose expressions resulted in his constitution.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

PS: Beware.

This post is one of my tens of posts rejected by sciencemag/sciencenews/Nature/SciAm due to my “un-AAAS subversion”, I suppose…DH

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