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Some Natural Selection Aspects In Hebrew-Jewish History

November 2, 2012

Some Natural Selection Aspects In Hebrew-Jewish History


Politics – local, regional and international – is an evolutionary biology melee for gain of energy constraint.

Religion is a virtual factor-component in human’s natural selection, for preserving-proliferating historical-cultural phenotypes.

The Jewish (from Judea) phenotype has always been a minute factor within the world’s phenotypes. During the last century Israel, the Jewish old-new homeland, evolved with its surrounding Muslim world into a thorny Gordian knot, derived from the Islam-  versus West- cultures confrontation between the “frozen conservatism” and “evolving pragmatism” phenotypes. The Western culture is an obvious threat to survival of Muslim culture.


Fundamentalism-conservatism versus pragmatism-evolutionism is an on-going  universal basic natural competition. This is the essence of natural selection. The universe expansion means conversion of all mass formats into energy. Every mass format must intake energy to survive, or its own mass format is consumed by other mass format seeking to survive. This is the essence and nature of ALL evolutions, in ALL mass formats, inanimate and alive, not only between genotypes and between their constituent  phenotypes but also within each phenotype.

Within each and every historic-cultural group there are on-going confrontations between “conservatives” and “liberals”. Nature mandates-favors  augmentation of energy constraint, since mass is steadily diminishing, keeps moving i.e. becoming energy.


The components of Phenotype Survival are two. One is “tradition” (distinctly different from sanctimony), historic-cultural identity-specific aspects, and two is pragmatism, preparedness to identify and adopt new survival, natural-selection, routes.  Some examples from Jewish history:


Moses to the Israelites who are afraid to leave Egypt and thus alienate Adonai the region’s god: Hear O Israel, for us Adonai and our forefather’s god, Elohim, are one and the same.


The ten Israel tribes exiled by Assyria lost their historical-cultural identity as they accepted the then mid-east religious practice of accepting their new regional god. Likewise the new people placed by Assyria in Samaria (Israel’s capital) in their stead adopted the local Israelite’s god, until today…


The Judeans  (Judah+Benjamin) exiled by and into Babylon survived, until today, with their specific  historic-cultural identity as they modified their concept of god from a regional to an historical deity.


The Jewish Emancipation movement augmented and made prominent contributions of Jews to the evolutions of Western culture and of Science (but sadly also to corrosion of basic science…)

Dov Henis

(comments from 22nd century)

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