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Pavlov’s Smile

by dovhenis on September 24, 2011

Pavlov’s Smile ((02/07/09)

Ameisen Olivier, Imagination Medicine,
Placebo, Addictions, God-Religion, Virtual Reality
(recapitulation of earlier posts re  genes’  lifehood)

A. Anti-Depressants, like
Ameisen Olivier’s “end of my addiction”…

B. Imagination Medicine

Brain imaging reveals the substance of placebos. Expectation alone triggers the same neural circuits and chemicals as real drugs.

“It all boils down to expectation. If you expect pain to diminish, the brain releases natural painkillers. If you expect pain to get worse, the brain shuts off the processes that provide pain relief. Somehow, anticipation trips the same neural wires as actual treatment does.

Scientists are using imaging techniques to probe brains on placebos and watch the placebo effect in real time. Such studies show, for example, that the pleasure chemical dopamine and the brain’s natural painkillers, opioids, work oppositely depending on whether people expect pain to get better or worse. Other research shows that placebos can reduce anxiety.”

C. Placebos: some background info

The concept of a placebo comes from medieval times, when professional mourners
were paid to stay by the bedside of. deceased person, reciting a psalm beginning “Placebo Domino…” or “I shall please the Lord.”
“Placebo” gradually became the word used for the paid mourner, whose grief was, in fact, false.

D. From  “Life’s Manifest”

Genes are the primal, 1st stratum, Earth’s organism and genomes are 2nd stratum
organisms, multigenes consisting of cooperative communes of their member genes.
Life is a real virtual affair that pops in and out of existence in its matrix, which is the energy constrained in Earth’s biosphere.

E. From “On Science and Religion”
“Evolutionary Biology Of Culture And Religion”

The concept “God” is a human virtual reality artifact, experienced only through
sensory stimuli. Preoccupation with god-religious matters within a scientific
frameworks contributes to corrosion and corruption of science and scientism by
manifesting or implying acceptance of virtual reality as reality.

Everything is discussable scientifically. No limit. Including virtual matters and affairs. But for a scientific discussion the framework must be clearly defined. The totality of subjects that come under the classification “virtual” are not an exception. You can include in the discussion Pavlov and the modes and manners of exploiting virtuality in any area and towards any end.

F. So why Pavlov smiled in 2008?

Pavlov demonstrated effecting placebo phenomena in multicelled organisms by
manipulation of their drives-reactions. Now placebo and imagination phenomena
are demonstrated also in the smallest organisms, in the genes and genomes of
multicelled organisms, in our primal first stratum and 2nd stratum base organisms.

A very good reason to smile.

Now an interesting chain is exposed to our view, the Genes-Virtual Reality Chain, a most intriguing cultural evolution chain extending from the genesis of our genes to nowadays, throughout life, a virtual reality existence, and by virtual reality phenomena, exploitations and manipulations.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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