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On Light And Dark Mass And Energy

October 3, 2011

On Light And Dark Mass And Energy

Most probably wrong common statements :

1) “ …could help solve mysteries such as the nature of the dark energy that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.”

2) “ Light has no resting mass, just energy. Gravity is a bend in space, therefore Gravity does not pull at light but the light ‘bends’ with space.

Most probably right :

1) The present universe expansion is an accelerating separation of galaxy clusters, fueled by singularity’s mass reconverting to energy since Big Bang. In the present universe nearly all mass formats are destined to reconvert to energy. The attempts to postpone this reconversion are termed evolution/natural selection. The accelerating pace of expansion is Newtonian , as a constant E is acting on a continuously
decreasing m.

2) Light has mass. Every object and every process in the universe is a progeny, consequence, derivative of singularity, energy-mass superposition, dualism. Gravity is NOT “a bend in space”. It is the propensity to natural-selection, to delay reconversion to energy,  to maintain the energy in mass format.  Light bends by gravity when gravity’s pull does not suffice to overcome light’s momentum. However, light’s momentum is no match for black-hole’s gravity…

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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