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The LHC Chases Its Tail

September 21, 2011

The LHC Chases Its Tail


An LHC thinking break is required in the 20th/21st-centuries Technology Culture maze rat race.   (Nov 25 2009)

A. Main purposes of the LHC (its first high-energy collisions to be attempted early 2010)

Expected to address most fundamental questions of physics, that are said to block further progress in understanding the cosmic evolution. Planned-built with intention of testing predictions of high-energy physics, mainly:

- Existence of the hypothesized Higgs boson(s), for completing the Standard Model, to explain the “origin of mass”  in the universe,

- Do all known particles have supersymmetric partners, for clearing up the “mystery of dark matter”,

- Are there extra dimensions as postulated by models inspired by string theory.

B. Let’s get off the 20th/21st centuries technology culture maze rat race, and take a thinking break:

The study of cosmic evolution concerns and affects the study and comprehension of each and every subject in the universe. Cosmic evolution originated with gravity, which originated with singularity which was ALL the mass of the universe, and with inflation which was the start of the since then ongoing reconversion of mass to energy.

Progress in understanding the cosmic evolution starts with Thinking. Every experiment on the course of its study starts with Thinking.  Per my thinking (small t, of course)

E=Total[m(1 + D)] represents the essence of cosmic evolution.

E = Energy content of the universe, was all in mass format at singularity, when D was 0 for 10^-35 seconds.

m = mass content of the universe, was ALL the mass of the universe 10^-35 seconds, reconverting to E (as mD) since the Big Bang, driving the galaxies clusters  apart since then, increasing D fueled by decreasing m.

D = total distance of mass travel in all spatial directions, from the point of Big-Bang, of singularity’s energy-mass superposition.

E of the universe is constant, and the variables of E are the extents of its mass formats and their density in the universe. This is the archetype of configuration for the origin of mass. Production of an amount of m in a one-shot process takes an amount of E that renders D zero. In a one-shot process a superduper squeeze to overcome D is required to achieve an E-m superposition.  This is to be attempted at the LHC, with the highest amount of energy now feasible for humanity, which may be a diminutively minuscule amount for the purpose.

Cosmic evolution is the archetype of quantum mechanics in physics, of biological evolution which is the quantum mechanics of biology, of the evolution of every process. All evolutions are E/m processes, strivings to postpone the ongoing reconversion of mass into energy.

The LHC high-energy collisions will most probably advance our comprehension of it even if, as I expect, it will fail to demonstrate that the origin of mass in the universe depends on the hypothesized Higgs boson(s) that do not exist and will fail to demonstrate the existence of dark matter or dark energy that do not exist as per the above EmD relationship. I avoid the “extra dimensions” since they are beyond my simple-minded comprehension. IMO they are religious concepts. Per my commonsensical scientific concept of cosmic evolution everything started with The Inflation and will eventually, when nearly all mass-fuel is depleted and expansion is
overcome by gravity, revert back to singularity and …..


Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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