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Scientific books/articles

March 22, 2006

Sept 19 2005, Dov, in Brights forum.

Dear Piano1, re your last posting:

I confess, with embarassment, that I have not read any article or book by Stephen J. Gould, Pinker, Buller, Kirilyuk and by many many other most probably great names. I also do not know what Causal Wave Mechanics is and I plead not guilty of being "one who likes De Brogelie-Einstein-Bohn"; I don't even know what they represent as a trio.

Furthermore I am embarassed to confess that all the books I ever read were either literary or history books ( + arts ) and that I have never read any book about any scientific or philosophic subject. However, during the last fifty years I have been reading a great number of scientific articles. Reading critically requires patience and time. I have patience for articles that come promptly to their points or, otherwise, may be simply rejected, but not enough patience nor time to spare for books in most of which the points are few, separated by and shrouded in many clouds of verbiage.


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