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Natural Selection At Cellular Level + Life Is A Cooperative Affairs.

March 22, 2006

Natural Selection At Cellular Level!

Dec 14 2007 (physorg forum)

Unbelievable News! Read All About It!

Natural Selection Can Occur At Cellular Level


" Darwinian natural selection and evolution is usually studied in populations of organisms, but it also applies to cellular populations"


This, sadly and embarassingly, is an additional glaring example of anachronistic gibberish verbiage abounding in the PC-age science literature, reporting "results" of an ever increasing number of "research" projects approved by ever increasing number of anachronistic "science peers".

Really. Just think of it. Would you have believed that these "cells" display behaviour patterns of organisms?!

What are you suggesting? that the cells are containers populated by organisms? You must be crazy or ignorant. Show me one science-guild-confirmed reference that a cell's outer membrane is a multi-functional organ of genes-commune organisms that dwell within it…

You're nuts indeed…

Dov Henis


Life Is A Cooperative Affair

18 Sept 2005 (in Brights forum).


A note I posted in Oct 2003 in biologicalEvolution:

The Scientist, Volume 17 | Issue 19 | 25 | Oct. 6, 2003,…ch2_031006.html, "Microbial Co-op in Evolution", expresses in vague "scientifically sophisticated" verbiage plain obvious observations about cooperation in evolution.

Co-op in evolution started, as much as we now know, earlier than in microbial communities. It started between individual genes, who formed and elaborated cooperative associations, genomes.

Life has always been and still is a fractal affair, repetition of phenomena on ever more complex scale. It cannot be otherwise; it evolves. And surviving-proliferating life has always been a cooperative affair since cooperation is most successful for overall survival/proliferation.


I referred to the above note in April 2005, re Scientific American, April 2005, "How animals do business", F.B.M. de Waal, that traces and illuminates aspects of specific animals' inter-relationship.


And now reflect on this: ( I lost the source reference…)

Some astounding numbers justify attention to our bacterial symbionts. There are ten times more bacteria cells colonizing a human than the number of human cells in the body (10^14 versus 10^13, respectively). Over 700 taxa can be found at a single site. The structures of communities vary tremendously. The gut might be considered New York City, whereas the skin is perhaps more like Memphis.


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