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Humans not appeared "ex-machina"

March 22, 2006

 Oct 4 2005,   Dov in Brights forum.

Piano1, you asked, some posts back, for links re my remark on the scientific basis of memory/cognizance link. I have no list of relevant links. I expect, though, that it may be Googled…

I simply rely on my scientific training and scientism logic. It is absolutely not probable that some special gift(s)  landed on Earth somehow and was/were installed or instilled in humans somehow to render them radically different from all other organisms. The difference between humans and other organisms must be evolutionary only, and only in scope/extent/complexity. This is so simply basic/elementary that it hurts. And the immune system is a beautiful example of memory mechanism. This is also basic/obvious.

And for those of us who find it difficult to accept the above and need/seek emotional uplifting, that others find in religion, I suggest delving in arts and/or reflections about the wonders of nature and the cosmos…

The trouble is that accepting evolution of ALL our capabilities requires continuous studying/updating; but it pays good dividends…


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