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Cosmic ABC Reflections

March 22, 2006

Oct 8, 2005    Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.

Consolidating three earlier separate postings:

A. Inflation, the ever increasing distance between galaxy clusters, is a manifestation of ongoing cosmic evolution, of the sum of processes continuously evolving in the universe.

B. A Black hole is a local temporary reversal of the universal thermodynamic drive to a state of ever diminishing oredr/energy-concentration.

C. Black hole and life have a common element: a temporary containment of cosmic energy dilution.


1.  Everything in the cosmos is fractal and is continuously evolving. Each and every system in the universe continuously evolves within the total universal evolution and all the systems' evolutions are intertwined.

The above holds for the universe composition and its processes including for its energy forms and its chemical/material constituents, and also for the very rare bubbles of energy which we call Earth Life.

Evolution can only be unfolded backwards; it cannot be calculated forward since it inherently courses towards ever more complex constellations, and this, consequently, at an ever accelerating rate, witness the universe… accelerated expansion is an inherent characteristic of a system undergoing evolution.

2.  Time is a vital factor for living entities. Otherwise in cosmic matters time is a factor proportional to distance or to other continuously changing parameter(s) and does not warrant a dimensional term separate from them.

If in E = mC^2 FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE E is constant, then mC^2 is constant and since C is constant it is mandated that cosmic m is also constant, which is bothersome.

However, let us dispense with C, which involves a time element, and let the right side of the equation be the sum of all values of m(1+D), where D is the Distance from Big Bang point and the sum is of all spatial values of D from D=0 to D=selected value.

In this case both m and D vary continuously. From D=0 at singularity m decreases continuously as D increases with inflation ( and vice versa ).

This appears rational and true-to-universe, and implies that eventually mass will be diminished ( while also diluted locally ) and would practically be zero locally by our reckonning.

3.  Life is a system initiated and maintained by "energy" to pause the universal thermodynamic drive to a state of ever diminishing oredr/energy-content. Life is the usage of energy and matter to build up organisms that store energy in the form of ordered structures and interdependent processes, in an opposite direction of the universal trend, in an act to temporarily contain the energy.

Death is yielding to the universal process.

Another apparent example of a phenomenon in our universe contrary to the universal diminishing order/energy-content process is black holes.  Black holes impansion might, like life, also be a manifestation of spotty local temporary energy containment.


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