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Roots of cancer

March 7, 2006

Jul 30, 2003       Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.

Review in Scientific American, July 2003 issue: "Untangling the Roots of Cancer".

Recent evidence challenges long-held theories of how cells turn malignant and suggests new ways to stop tumors before they spread. By W. Wayt Gibbs

I find the review lacking some major items such as:

(a) Possibility that the root is in the Interphase phase of mitosis.

(b) Possibility that the culprit cells are mutated stem cells.

(c) Consideration that it is a mistake to expect an effective fruitful methodical approach from biologists. Biologists seldom see the WHOLE picture; they should furnish information to Systems Analyzers, who should search the roots of cancer. Such a route will take in and consider ALL observed/recorded internal and external factors, and assign them realistic actual significance…


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