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Early RNA

March 7, 2006

Jul 19, 2003    In biologicalEvolution forum.

Dov: Here is an RNA update review you should not miss :                                  

Per my "armchair scientist" conception of Life, even prior to any browsing thru this review, RNA is both a prime pre-DNA archaic edition of a later DNA gene and the DNA's tool. In pre-DNA life this RNA edition lived independently and/or cooperatively with other RNAs. The consequent, more complex, DNA life evolved into symbiotically-associated collectively-dependent genes, though,  and the original primary RNA forms have been retained as tools for their consequent collective-commune members DNA editions…                                                                  Dov                                                                                                                                           —————————-

August 09, 2003

From Chris Welton

Perhaps the first DNA strand was simply an RNA "Siamese twin" which  maintained the ability to reproduce….. While this gross mutation would cause a lack of functionality at first, over time increased complexity would allow for greater diversity, thus allowing DNA to become the dominent form of genetic transference. ———————————

Aug 9, 2003

Dov: In view of DNA structure and modes of functions more probable guesses might be "strands", "stability", and "symbiotic cooperation in crammed space…"


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