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Random Biological Mutations Are Impossible

Random Biological Mutations Are Impossible

Randomness is impossible in an evolving system:

Random Biological Mutations Are Impossible since biology is an evolving sub-system in the evolving universe system.

All the sub-systems in the universe are CONTINUOUSLY evolving, driven-oriented-directed by the natural selection of ALL mass formats, which is the enhancing of  their energy constraint, to temporarily postpone their reconversion to energy, which goes on at a constant rate since the Big Bang.

Ponder/re-comprehend non-religious biology,

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

From non-religious Biology:

The Genome is a base organism evolved, and continuously modified, by the genes - the elementary life organisms - of its higher organism as their functional template. DH

“Henis Worldview” Database

A Comprehensive Scientism Worldview

“Henis Worldview” Database

I’m nearly 88 yrs old. Circa twenty years ago I intensified my universe-life pondering and scrutinizing of relevant scientific publications, gradually crystallizing and compiling a comprehensive worldview distinctly different in several aspects from the  21st century generally accepted scientific worldview.  A compilation of most of the brief inter-related inter-twined chapters of this “worldview” is now displayed at  .

In answer to occasional readers’ comments-remarks I have been asserting that none of the scientific matters stated in or implied by this “worldview“ contradicts the database of the now generally accepted science. Some pedants, though, are not satisfied with this assertion even when ascertained correct. They demand presentation of “new subject specific data”.

To this I posit :



ALL data, wherever published, that conform with the materials presented in “Henis Worldview” chapters are scientifically  ”Henis Worldview” database.

Dov Henis  (comments from 22nd century)

מדעי החיים רציונלית

מדעי החיים רציונלית, לא דתית

להיות עם חפשי בארצנו

 “ידיעות אחרונות” אפריל 19 2013  שרית רוזנבלום :  “דיאטטי?  זה גנטי “

חולשה-התמכרות, או גנטיקה

מספיק ודי לדקלם את התפיסה הנלעגת של האיגוד המקצועי האמריקאי הדתי “האיגוד האמריקאי לקידום המדע


לפי התפיסה האמריקאית הדתית עגלת הגנטיקה היא הדוחפת את סוסי התרבות ולא סוסי התרבות הם המושכים את עגלת הגנטיקה, בניגוד למה שלמדנו מפבלוב ומדארווין

הגיע הזמן לפתח מדע חופשי מתפיסות דתיות כמוכתב החל מ-1920 ע’י התרבות האמריקאית הדתית

 גנטיקה היא תולדה/תוצאה של התרבות ולא הגורם של התרבות. שינויים גנטיים הם עדכונים רצופים של הגנום, שהוא יצור שנברא ע’י הגנים עבור תיפקודם, כשהעדכונים הם ע’י הגנים שהם היצורים הבסיסיים של החיים

 המדע בארה”ב פשוט מאד מוגבל כי תרבותה דתית-טכנולוגית, תרבות שדוחה הבנה מדעית רציונלית

  דב הניס

הארות מהמאה ה-22

Graviton’s Energy-Mass Dualism

Graviton’s Energy-Mass Dualism

Everything in the dictionary and in the universe - nouns and verbs objects and processes - originate and derive from the energy-mass dualism, from the ongoing constant rate conversion of mass to energy, from the ongoing resolution-release of inert gravitons, mass, leaving the clusters of the fractured seed of the universe, singularity, and becoming energy, mass in motion.

The Graviton’s energy-mass dualism derives from its gravity, self-attraction, and its compactness.

Gravity: the propensity of the gravitons – the elementary particles of the mass of the universe - to return to their singularity state of zero motion, of compacted zero inter-particle distance.

Compactness: the default particle’s size and shape that enable zero inter-particle distance at singularity.

This, commonsensically, is the matrix of the universe.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

Energy-Mass Poles Of The Universe

Life is an obvious manifestation of energy-mass dualism. The sun’s energy, i.e. fast-moving mass particles, convert into slow-moving temporary mass formats… DH



Genetic Mutation Rate???

Exasperating ignorance.

Genetics is THE PROGENY of culture.
Genes (and genomes) are organisms, molded (i.e. are expressions modified) via natural selection by their reactions to their circumstances (i.e. by their culture).

Look up Pavlov and Darwin…


Dov Henis

My Don Quixotic mission:
Un-theosophize religious “Science” of trade-union-church AAAS.

Genetics is modifications of genome’s expressions in response to cultural variations, which is behavioral modifications in response to circumstantial variations. DH

Science and Religion?

On religion-accommodating AAAS science

Science and Religion?

How can science be more theosophized than by regarding life-brain-mind-spirituality essence as being mysteriously apart-different from other mass formats?

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

Negative Absolute Temperature

Negative Absolute Temperature


Negative Absolute Temperature
“We could for the first time observe a negative absolute temperature for mobile particles. By using an intermediate bosonic Mott insulator together with a Feshbach resonance in bosonic Potassium we were able to create a stable attractive Bose gas at negative absolute”.

Energy-Mass Poles Of The Universe

Negative absolute temperature cannot be attained in a Singularity state in which there is zero distance between the elementary particles such as the pre-Big-Bang gravitons singularity. It can be attained with other particles which arrive at non-zero inter distance in their state of minimum motion, minimum energy level, by lowering temperature. In such a system a consequent application of “compacting energy” will effect a “coerced pseudo-Big-Bang”…


“Another peculiarity of the sub-absolute-zero gas is that it mimics ‘dark energy’, the mysterious force that pushes the Universe to expand at an ever-faster rate against the inward pull of gravity. Schneider notes that the attractive atoms in the gas produced by the team also want to collapse inwards, but do not because the negative absolute temperature stabilises them. “It’s interesting that this weird feature pops up in the Universe and also in the lab,” he says. “This may be something that cosmologists should look at more closely.”

Again: Dark energy YOK!. See “Energy-Mass Poles Of The Universe” above and ponder “absolute singularity” versus “pseudo singularity”…


Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century


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