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USA-World Science Hegemony Is Science Blind

January 11, 2013

על בערות מדעית. דוגמה

גנטיקה היא תולדה/תוצאה של התרבות ולא הגורם של התרבות. שינויים גנטיים הם עדכונים רצופים של הגנום, יצור שנברא ע’י הגנים עבור תיפקודם, כשהעדכונים הם ע’י הגנים שהם היצורים הבסיסיים של החיים

המדע בארה”ב פשוט מאד מוגבל כי תרבותה דתית-טכנולוגית, תרבות שדוחה הבנה מדעית רציונלית

It takes a change of culture, of the mode of reactions to circumstances, to effect a change of habit. Genetics is the progeny of culture, not vice versa. This applies in ALL fields of human activities, including economics, to ALL personal and social behavioral aspects.

Since the early 1900’s ALL “science” has been taken over by the Technology Culture of the religious Americans, represented by the trade-union-church AAAS. Plain and simple. There has not been any science in the world since then except “religious-American-science”.

On The Blissful religious Science Ignorance

Since the early 2000s I have been posting many articles on science items surveyed and analyzed by me, without religious background-concepts. I have been doing this because I was deeply disturbed by the religiosity of the 1848-founded AAAS trade-union and by the consequent religious background-tint of its extensive “scientific” publications and activities.

On my next birthday I’ll be 88-yrs old. I know that I’m deeply engaged in a Don Quixotic mission-war to extricate-free the USA and world Science from the clutches and consequences of the religious-trade-union-church AAAS, adopted strangely by the majority of the good scientifically ignorant religious god-trusting Americans and by their most other humanity following flocks…

But I am sincerely confident that only thus it is feasible and possible to embark on a new, rational, Human culture (scientism) and on new more beneficial and effective technology courses for humanity…

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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