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Re Matter-Antimatter

June 16, 2013

Re Matter-Antimatter

A.  See my comments, #3 and #4 in

B. My definition of energy is ‘mass in motion’, per the EOTOE energy-mass relationship  E=Total[m(1 + D)]

within the basic physics tenet of SpaceDistance in lieu of SpaceTime in the universe, the dualistic, mass-energy, cyclic array.

C. The Big Bang was the start of the still ongoing D>0, of the still growing D.

D. The Big Bang did not create matter or antimatter, in any amount. It was the start of the still ongoing reconversion of m into E. It was the culmination of the 10^-35 seconds long singularity, the zero-inter-distance mass of ALL the gravitons, the elementary particles of the universe.

All formats of matter and antimatter are products of evolution of mass along its route of reconversion into energy, started at the Big Bang.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

The 20yrs development and comprehensive data-based scientism worldview of Dov Henis in a succinct format

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