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Science Comprehension Derives From Data Assessment

January 26, 2013

Science Comprehension Derives From Data Assessment

And most data is all around us. We just have to look around, notice, ponder, assess.
Remember that EVERYTHING in the present universe started from a minute singularity and that the universe keeps expanding. This is an evolving system, a system that derives from moving between two poles, all-mass and all-energy.
This is possible only if the elementary particle of the universe is a mass-energy duality, inert-moving duality. This defines everything in the universe and this renders that ALL things in the universe are just various formats of the base elementary particles and all forces and processes derive from the ongoing motion between the mass/energy poles.
And this means that the universe is not a collection of disciplines but a oneness of intertwined TEMPORARY sub-evolutions. And that life is just one of them.
And this means that commonsense, not academEnglish, is the best scientific approach to comprehension of the universe.

Dov Henis (comments from the 22nd century)

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