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Betrayal Of The Enlightenment Science Heritage

October 9, 2012

Re some now esteemed basic science concepts…:

Betrayal Of The Enlightenment Science Heritage

Three glaring examples of betrayal of the Enlightenment science heritage:

- The Higgs particle case: by plain common sense and data the origin of all mass in the universe is the minuscule pre-big-bang gravitons singularity…

- Life nature and genesis: by plain common sense and data life is just another mass format, a self-replicating format …

- The Genetics concepts: by plain common sense and data culture and natural selection are ubiquitous for ALL mass formats, and genetics are their evolving RNA nucleotide progenies, subject to Darwin and Pavlov processes…

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)


1.Ponder why Mass = Energy at singularity…

2.Ponder that Culture is reaction-to-circumstances/drive-to-survival by ALL MASS FORMATS…

3.Ponder the implications of the various modes of Cooperation in nature…

4.Ponder that Intelligence = learning from experience…

5.Ponder that in an evolving two-pole system (m/E, singularity/max expanded) there cannot be randomness…

6. Ponder that in an evolving two-pole system m/E, gravitation is propensity of energy reconversion to mass…

7. Re “randomness”  in nature:

Change of mass format is not randomizing

Thus, for example, heating a material, a mass format, is not “randomizing” it. It is changing the mobilities of its constituents, their energetic characteristics. It is changing the mass format properties


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