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On Brain And Natural Selection

July 14, 2012

On Brain And Natural Selection


“experimentally manipulate brain size, you get cleverer fish”.

“Experimentally manipulate” is Pavlov. Pavlov experimentally  manipulated dogs’ genes. Manipulating creatures is manipulating their genes by manipulating their culture, which modifies their genes’ expressions since genetics is the progeny of culture.

Genes themselves are oganisms, life’s primal organisms, evolved from modified RNA nucleotides in a cultural-natural selection-reaction to energetic circumstances.  THIS IS DARWINIAN EVOLUTION. NATURAL SELECTION IS UBIQUITOUS TO ALL MASS FORMATS. LIFE IS JUST ANOTHER  MASS FORMAT.


I grow various fruits. Fruit trees are brainless, mindless, of low intelligence i.e. low capacity to learn from experience due to low learning possibility, stationary location and passive circumstances.

A fruit tree sprouts, starts  producing, a great number of fruits, of which only a small fraction complete their growth, of which in nature only few if any at all  evolve into a fruit tree to reproduce the fruit-tree genes. This is the genes reproduction mode of the mindless creatures…

Look around you at other creatures including humans and draw your own conclusion…

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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