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Why DNA Methylation Declines With Age

June 13, 2012

Why DNA Methylation Declines With Age

 DNA methylation declines with age most probably due to RNAs activity decline with age most probably due to decline with age of the circumstantial challenges pressure for physiological adaptation for natural selection…



DNA Methylation Declines With Age


1)“RNA molecules are synthesized in the cell nucleus, yet many have to be moved to the cytoplasm to be processed and/or to effect their function. Different classes of RNA are transported from the nucleus by different transport systems.”

2)” Brain volume tended to decrease with subjects’ age, consistent with other studies that have found that some brain shrinkage occurs normally as people grow older. But among cocaine users, the rate of shrinkage was almost twice that of the non-drug-using group (about 3 milliliters per year versus 1.7 milliliters for the non-drug-users)”


From  “More On Evolution In The Still RNA World

…Rational possibility that the RNAs are the environmental feedback communicators to, and modifiers of, the genomes, the effectors of the desirable biased genes expressions modifications, of enhanced energy constraining for survival.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)


Horses And Wagon, Men’s Longevity And Culture


“New research finds that older men have children and grandchildren with longer telomeres, pointing to possible health benefits of delayed reproduction.”

Pointing to what?


Culture, mode of life/reactions to circumstances, shapes genetics, effects longevity, defines genetic heritage.

It’s the horses that pull, not the wagon that pushes.

Men’s longevity points to probably efficient culture/natural-selection mode/genetic heritage.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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