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Human Intelligence Is Heritable? Of Course It Is!

August 12, 2011

Human Intelligence Is Highly Heritable And Polygenic ?

Genome-wide association studies establish that human intelligence is highly heritable and polygenic.

No kidding!

So What else is new?!

It’s culture, reactions to circumstances, that drives genetic changes. NOT vice versa.

Reaction(s)  to circumstances, modified state or behavior, that enhance-increase constrained energy in animate OR inanimate mass format, are retained. This is what evolution is all about. This is what natural selection is. It is postponement of the conversion of mass to energy, to the energy that keeps fueling the universe expansion. The expansion that will be overcome by gravity when most mass is reconverted to the energy that moves on the galaxies clusters. The expansion will then be replaced with
gravitational  empansion back to singularity…

The RNAs, Earth’s primal organisms, retain-constrain evolutionary energy as long as possible. This is what alternative splicing is about, this is what genetic inheritance is all about…


Dov Henis

(comments from 22nd century)


The deceased the-scientist community forum posted tens of articles on this general subject…

see also

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