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Evolution. How Species Come To Be…

July 6, 2011

“how species come to be…”

 What drives “species come to be” is what drives all life/organisms to come to be, i.e. a proven successful route, circumstantially evolved culture, that enhanced the RNAs’ constrained energy by the culturally enhanced RNAs’ proliferation, followed with accordingly alternatively spliced expression.

 This is evolution, i.e. enhanced constrained energy to delay-postpone the universal conversion of mass-formats to energy, to the energy that keeps fueling the expansion of the universe.

This expansion will be overcome by gravity upon depletion of the universe’s massfuel, and will be followed by empansion for accelerating reverting of energy to mass all the way back to singularity.

 The universe is an allmass- allenergy poles affair.


Dov Henis

 (comments from 22nd century)


 - It’s culture that modifies genetics, that changes gene’s expression. NOT vice  versa.

 - Epigenetics YOK. Alternative splicing is epiDNAtic, not epigenetic.

 - ALL life is RNAs evolution products. RNAs are Earth’s prime organism.


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