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Comprehend Black Holes Function

June 11, 2011

Comprehend Black Holes Function

 A. From

“That could be a sign that the gravitational beast pulls in material at a relatively moderate, regular rate”

 B. From “Rethink Evolution/Natural Selection”

“5. Natural Selection is a trait of organisms, life?

No. Natural selection is ubiquitous for ALL mass formats, all spin arrays. It derives from the expansion of the universe. All mass formats, regardless of size and type, from black holes to smallest particles, strive to increase their constrained energy in attempt to postpone their own reconversion to energy, to the energy that fuels cosmic expansion.”

“Evolution is energy temporarily constrained in a mass format to postpone reconversion of the mass to the energy fueling the cosmic expansion”.


Dov Henis

(Comments From 22nd Century)

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