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Commonsensical Cosmic Rebirth

February 1, 2011

Commonsensical Cosmic Rebirth

I. Now, a:

"Cosmic rebirth."

"Circular patterns in the universe's pervasive background radiation suggest that the Big Bang was not the beginning of the universe, but only the latest of its incarnations."

Commonsense not acceptable. Highfalutin verbiage inspires authoritative acceptance…

II. Now, b:

"Cosmic reincarnation idea may be dead"

"Cosmological patterns that were recently put forth as evidence for a pre–Big Bang universe are easily explained by current theory, critics say."

"A startling claim that the cosmos existed before the Big Bang doesn’t appear to be supported by detailed analyses, three independent teams of scientists have concluded."

III. This affair is another display of 21st century science decadence.

Preposterous. It takes "three independent teams of scientists" to analyze an obviously absurd statement and conclude that there is no evidence for it, when way back:

Universe’s Missing Mass ???

ALL Universe's Mass Is Accounted For !

A. "Revealing the galaxy’s dark side"

Excess of gamma rays at Milky Way’s center may indicate universe’s missing mass

Be self-confident. Apply your plain commonsense, a good scientific approach.

    E=Total[m(1 + D)]

Rethink Astronomy And The Universe,

even without Quantum Unique Ergodicity, but with plain commonsense.

Galactic clusters formed by dispersion, not by conglomeration. The obvious proof of this is their behaviour, including acceleration, as Newtonian bodies.

These bodies formed at the start of inflation, when all energy was still in mass format, and the inflation was the start of reconversion of cosmic mass into energy.


- A Basic Physics Tenet: SpaceDistance in lieu of SpaceTime.

- The universe in which we live: It is a mass-energy dualistic cycle array.

1)  "Neutrino quick-change artist caught in the act

A transformation from one ‘flavor’ to another confirms the elusive elementary particles have mass and suggests a need for new physics."

2) Adopt

- Each and every particle has mass.

- Dark energy and matter YOK. Cosmic mass and energy are ALL accounted for with  E=Total[m(1 + D)]

- Higgs field/particle YOK. E = m below some value of D.

- Do not be afraid of embarrassingly obvious answers. Adopt space-distance in lieu of space-time.

3)  And Rethink The Universe:

By the presently available data our universe is a dual-cycle array.

One cycle, the present, started from singularity, with all cosmic energy in mass format, and it has been proceeding to reconvert all the mass resolved at the Big Bang back to energy, by increasing D, by expanding the cosmos, by accelerating away the galaxy clusters, formed by dispersion at Inflation.

The other cycle, the cycle that led to singularity, will re-start when the expanding cosmos consumes most or all mass that fuels the expansion. Gravity will then initiate reconversion of all the energy back to mass, to singularity, again.

Dov Henis
Comments From The 22nd Century

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