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"Tasks" of Science and of Religion

March 23, 2006

November 28, 2007

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Scientific Definition Of Religion

You may find this of interest ( from a posting of mine in an evolution discussion forum ):

I wrote it and mean it with complete respectful sincerity, at

Dov Henis


Religion, A Human Evolution Definition

"A religion is a human artifact for survival of a specific human cultural phenotype, comprising cultural tool-kit and technique ascribed by its adherents to be of higher esteem and benefit than other human cultural survival plans".

Wondering if religious persons who also "accept" science would accept this definition, yet with steady unwavering respect and commitment to their religion. IMO such acceptance would contribute more respect to religion and to religious persons.

Sincerely thinking so,

Dov Henis


Major Conceptual Hierarchies:

Religion is a progeny of culture, like

Technology is a progeny of science, like

Biology is a progeny of evolution, like

Universal Evolution is a progeny of Energy



"Tasks" of Science and of Religion

19 Nov 2005 Dov, in Brights forum.

In "Recommended Proposals for Action", at the topic "Action Suggested", I noted in the opening post a "Centre for Science and Religion".

Looked up the link of "Centre for Science and Religion", and recalled right there, at the end of the first para, (forgive me, please…) the term blivot = ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

and here it is :

"About the Centre for Science and Religion

The University of Leeds has now established a new Centre for Science and Religion. The connection between science and religion amounts to far more than conflict. Religions are a source of values, and the sciences give power to implement them, so their study is important for all of society."

Finally I learned and understand the division of labor between science and religion. Now it's clear.

Dumbfounded DH.

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