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AAAS posits Natural and Spiritual realms

March 19, 2006

 Aug 9, 2005      Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.

(A) From the Editorial "Redefining Science", Science VOL 309 8 July 2005, By Alan I. Leshner, Chief Executive Officer of AAAS, Executive Publisher of Science.

" At the same time, it is important for scientists to acknowledge that not all questions can be answered by science. Scientific insights are limited to the natural world. For reasons of their own, some scientists argue with some passion that there could not have been an intelligent designer behind the process of evolution. In fact, we cannot answer that question scientifically, because it is a matter of belief that is outside our realm."

(B) So, the CEO of the AAAS and Executive Publisher of Science advises us, scientifically(!?), that there are two seperate Realms: a Natural World Realm and a Spiritual World Realm.

For me this is another, additional, mental dishonest blurring symptom, and the diagnosis of this is "be-careful-not-to-shake-the-image-of-AAAS-position in the Public and Government suposition" by hypocritically going-along with "reverence and respect" to matters "spiritual/faith-based".

Or is the "going-along" not hypocritical but sincere? If this is the case then the AAAS and Science are again exposed as being simply a political organization of the Guild of persons whose livelihood is derived from affiliation with "science" and an archive of their writings.

AND they also reflect the sad state of conception and promotion of   S C I E N C E   by AAAS.


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