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Unfinished evolution symphony

March 18, 2006

Jul 6, 2005       Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.

Below is a message I e-mailed to Scientific American. From past experience with scientists guilds' periodicals I do not expect an answer. However, there may be a surprise…(PS 18/03/2006 there was no surprise…).

There is one good thing here, though, for the Forum readers; the internet site of the evolution conference report …


Dov's letter to SciAm,  July 03, 2005:

Unfinished Evolution Symphony

I find your report about the recent big 'evolution event'  truncated at its top.

The event is reported as "The Woodstock of Evolution", Michael Shermer, Scientific American com, June 27, 2005, at…umber=1&catID=4

It is strange that the most obvious and profound aspect of Human evolution is glaringly absent from the agendum of the great June 2005 evolution event. Or, maybe, it is not strange but expected…

From one of my biological forum posts:

"There were two major revolutionary evolution junctions along the course of "Darwinian evolution" from primordial genes to humans:

First was the Celling of the pre-celled archaic genes-associations plus their (nucleolus like?) retinues, that freed genes/genomes from being at the mercy of all environmental circumstances and gave them some control over many of them. The following Darwinian evolution of poly-celled life has been a continuation and an extension of this revolutionary evolution.

The second, very recent, revolutionary life evolution has been initiated, in a similar vein, by our forefathers who adapted from life in semi- or tropical forest circumstances to life on plains. As changed living posture and circumstances led to modified perceptive/adaptive capabilities and eventually to language communication humans have gradually replaced adaptation to changed circumstances with self-evolving cultures/civilizations for control and modification of much of their circumstances. This is essentially similar to Life's earlier celling evolution, but with culture functioning for humans for change/control of circumstances in lieu of RNA and protein toolings that function for in-cell genomes for adapting their cell's physiology to changing circumstances.

Cultural aspects, ALL cultural aspects, function for individual humans and for human communities of all sizes including human phenotypes (distinct ethnic/national/cultural communities) in the same manner and for the same ends as biological systems function in and for cells. This is plainly in accord with the fractal nature of Earth Life.

Each and every one of our capabilities and functions is inherited from our predecessors including communication. However, our unique further complexing of communication is the added "intelligent" level that renders human knowledge a tool for exploiting the capability of the novel revolutionary organism to extensively modify its living circumstances instead of physiologically adapting to changing circumstances."

Dov Henis

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