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Evolve into science-based civilization

March 12, 2006

Jan 02, 2005     Dov, in IHS forum

(1) We humans, intelligent-communicative organisms, are a rare random mutation on Earth. It is staggering to reflect on the odds of, initially, a life evolving in a random energy-chemical constellation, then, consequently, of the occurring life undergoing a tremendous number of random mutation junctions along the stretch from either a pre-celled archaic gene or from archaic cells to the rise of intelligent human.

(2) Among all Earth organisms humans have a most essential, unique, ingrained-inherent requirement and feeling of self-esteem, extrapolated to esteem of family and extended further to all humankind. This esteem, ingrained in humans by faith and belief, is the basis of human cultures and civilizations, which are neatly the creations of human mind and upon which is founded the security-survival of individuals and of human communities of all sizes. Now, as humans learn scientifically ever more about the universe and life, some functioning human civilizations are beginning to totter. As our faith-based self-esteem is shaken we are faced with a vital need to re-formulate our culture, to anchor and build our life edifice not on faith-belief as it presently is but on deeply convincing scientific rational moral-ethical-social criteria…

(3) All Earth organisms presently known are genetically interrelated. Most persons with scientific views suggest/accept that life began with individual cell(s), from origin and in manner not yet known. Some persons, myself included, postulate that per Pasteur's "life comes from life" cells are evolutionary products, preceded by and evolved from not-yet-celled archaic RNA genes associations. In this scenario the yet-unknown is the origin and manner of occurrence, genesis, of the early gene(s).

Going backwords in time to either the pre-cell life scenario or to a pre-cell-ex-machina life scenario, to a pre-Pasteur scenario, there most probably occured a constellation in which the combination of energy flow/balance plus combined presence of RNA- or pre-RNA type oligomer with its entourage of associated predecessor molecules happened to be in an energhetic direction favourable to replication of the oligomer, initiating life in the form of an archaic gene. Life thus appears to be an energy-storing system initiated and maintained by energy to locally halt or reverse the direction of the observed universal thermodynamic drive to a state of ever dissipating order and energy.

(4) The probable above scenarios raise the question if life is a unique or rare random "energy bubble" phenomenon only on Earth, where so far we have not found life unrelated to us, or also in the universe, or is life a universally ubiquitous phenomenom of energy bubbles. Whatever life turns out to be there were two similar revolutionary evolutions in the history of Earth's Life.

The first was celling of the pre-celled archaic genes-associations plus their (nucleolus like?) retinues and plus their support and environmental menues. The revolutionary aspect of this evolution was being no longer at the mercy of all environmental circumstances but, instead, controling most of them. (Some genes associations celled without their essential menues, becoming viruses that exploit their rich relatives). The following Darwinian evolution of poly-celled life has been a continuation and an extension of this revolutionary evolution.

The second, recent, revolutionary evolution has been initiated, in a similar vein, by some primates that adapted from life in semi- or tropical forests to life on plains. As their changed posture and living circumstances led to modified perceptive/adaptive capabilities and eventually to language communications, humans have gradually replaced physiological adaptation to changing circumstances with self-evolving cultures/civilizations for control and modification of their circumstances. This is essentially similar to life's earlier celling evolution, but with culture functioning for humans in lieu of RNA and protein toolings that function for in-cell genomes.

(5) Human cultural aspects, ALL cultural aspects, function for individual humans and for human communities of ALL sizes and all phenotypes (distinct ethnic/national/cultural communities) in the same manner and for the same ends as biological systems function in cells. This is plainly in accord with the fractal nature of Earth life. The edifice of humankind's cooperative existence is based, though, on faith/belief that induces/convince humans to cooperate in building and maintaining the human edifice, and the faith/belief is based on the self-esteem of humans.

I posit that with the evolving fresh comprehension of the nature of life and of our cultures we should actively participate in a worldwide effort to undergo the third revolutionary evolution, namely to replace the faith/belief basis of culture with a scientifically rational foundation of values based on deep conviction.

end. DH.

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