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The Stealthy Life Genesis

March 9, 2006

June 21,2004   Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.


Sometimes, when you seek the relevant answer, it helps to pose the right question and to pose it rightly.

Consider the vastly versatile life on planet Earth. Many questions about its mechanisms and evolution have been asked and answered, many questions that evolve continuously about life are tackled by scientists and will most probably be answered within few years, and still many further questions will be raised and answered…

However, in order to come closer to answering The Question re the Origin-Nature-Direction of Life, I suggest that it may help to ask the right question and to ask it rightly.

First it is necessary to seek the question, to consider where within the enormous maze of information it might be searched, then search for it and spot it, and then lead up to it and grab it tightly.

Most scientists should or would concur that all the vastly versatile Earth lives that we know, and most probably also those many more we do not yet know, evolved from single self-replicating cell or cells. Most scientists consider the earliest single cell/cells to be the Big Bang of Earth life. Some scientists conjecture that the early cell/cells came into being on Earth, whereas others conjecture that they have arrived on Earth from elsewhere somehow.

Still others might conjecture, like I do, that the primary cell or cells were evolutionary products of yet earlier non-celled Earthly life, and that chromosomal genes associations, genomes, are products of evolution and cooperation of their individual gene constituents much as their following mono- and poly-cell organisms are products of evolution of their earlier cellular forms. In this scenario the way back initiation of life was not yet in a cellular form and in, most probably, a chemical conformation akin to RNA.

Now, obviously for scientists concurring with the "cellular big-bang" scenario the right question is difficult to seek and to search and to spot. However, if you accept (remember Pasteur?) the "archaic pre-celled genes" scenario then you can try to further extrapolate backwards in time and in conditions to the formation-transition of a chemical into a self-replicating base organism.

The two elements involved in this primordial occurrence would be the bingo chemical conformation and the stealthily waiting-in-ambush energy balance state. And the right questions in this case would be "is it possible to computer-model such an occurrence?", and "was this an accident?" or "is it possible that the life phenomenon, the self replicating energy-bubble, may be a universally ubiquitous energy- directed phenomenon of a temporary halt of the cosmic evolution towards a state of ever dissipating order and energy?".



PS  10-01-2006, Forum Hypo.

Originally Posted by HydrogenBond:

- evolution treats life as a chance occurance rooted in chemisty

- evolution is based on DNA

- hydrogen proton defines structure and activity of DNA … cell…



- In my opinion life ( also black holes ) is one of the forms of cosmic temporary energy containments in the midst of the spatial cosmic ever diluting original singular energy, and life's initial "chemicals" just happened to be in a configuration/constellation able to support and sustain this via a cascade of favorable energy-effected steps.

- Life's genesis and evolution of configurations supporting and sustaining proliferable temporary storage of energy, has most probably occurred with pre-DNA configurations such as RNAs and happened to "seed" themselves in a chance simultaneous occurrence of both ambient energetic conditions and presence, together with the initial self-proliferable NA oligomers/polymers, of all the essential pre-polymer moieties, in a suporting 'plasma' environment/composition.

- hydrogen proton defines structure and activity in life as much as nuts or bolts defines structure and activity in cars.


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