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Einstein, and "Scientific American" editor.

March 9, 2006

Aug 28, 2004    Dov to [email protected]

Subject: Antitscientific Scientific Journal Editors

From Scientific American Sept 2004, SA Perspectives :

"Were Einstein alive today, he would undoubtedly still find causes for outrage" about Jews not living peaceably with Arabs and about USA foray into Iraq".

This statement by The Editors of SA is a glaring example of antiscientism:

(1) It is based on were/if,

(2) plus an injection of the Editors' (royal S?) attitudes into Einstein's personality,

(3) plus obvious ignorance of the nature of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict,

(4) plus a more than just ignorant referral to Jews in lieu of Israelis.

However, this is also a complementary demonstration of The Editors' excellent editorial expertise, of how to cram/package so many booboos in such a small paragraph.

Dov Henis

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