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Belief? Survival?

March 8, 2006

22/04/2004     Dov, in Science Forums.

Phenotype is the genotype organism with the visible property(ies) produced by interaction of the genotype and the environment.

In the case of humans one major environmental factor is a group's/community's unique history and experiences. These effect uniquely distinct phenotype characteristics, some physiologic and some cultural. Religion, like all human cultural items, is a product of men's feverish/overactive brain, that serves to preserve the uniquely distinct human phenotype.

Most human phenotypes seek, like all organisms, to survive/replicate. Hence the general human tendency to maintain the traditions in which they grew up. Some humans, though, adapt to their changing circumstances by modifying their phenotype, their cultural heritage, to approach the different surrounding phenotype features.

Belief? Survival?

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