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Convey human traits to ET?!

March 7, 2006

Mar 31, 2003       Dov, in biologicalEvolution.

Here is an example of an absurd notion :

On 21 March 2003   J Whitfield reports on SETI workshops.  Artists and scientists discuss how to tell ET, alien civilizations, about "humanity", " morality", "altruism","aestheticism"….

This is an absurd notion because human culture is a single unique random occurance evolutionary creation and it is unlikely that anywhere else in our galaxy or farther there is an organism that might notice/grasp any human message. Are we capable of such a notice/exchange even with the genes, our elementary own base-organisms ? or of grasping/accepting their protein toolings in our own base cells as equivalent to human cultural aspects for humans ?  

Comment by hborteck: 

At last! I completely agree with you.                                                                                  

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