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The universe is a fractal affair

March 5, 2006

Feb 17, 2002    Dov, in biologicalEvolution.

In earlier postings I suggested that when one ponders and reflects on each and every organizational pattern or process of a living system, regardless of size/scope and complexity, one cannot but realize that all phenomena of life are fractal, repetitive of similar phenomena on other scales.

As I read more and more about various aspects of astronomy it occurs to me that the whole universe we now know is a fractal phenomena.

Furhtermore, it occurs to me that realization of the fractal nature of the universe leads to the likely conjecture that the physical states of our universe and of ALL its components are in a continuous state of change in a direction dictated energetically. The rate of creeping change is so small that we have not yet noticed it and we consider the physical laws/states of matter to be fixed and eternal.

But if you ponder the structures of astronomic complexes and their inter-relatioships you might realize their similarities to the atomic world, and conjecture that even the present isotopic forms of atoms may be just one "frame" in the long procession of the universe in a definite direction…

May such a conjecture bring us closer to a "theory of everything" ?


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