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Cells reprogram

March 5, 2006

May 10, 2002     Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.

In a brief article about the nature of life on Earth I posit a case for pre-cell evolutionary life and for "purposeful" in-cell life organization. The article is available at

Recently I came across an interesting report of work suggesting that "Cells reprogram in 24 hours, erasing molecular memory of parents, could shed light on clones",  presented at

I suggest that "molecular memory" is a "technical's concept and term" and that the phenomenon thus inaptly designated is an expression of "purposefullness of in-cell life organization".

At each and every formation of replicated in-cell life the purposeful organization of the cell's inhabitants  (the live beings complex we call genome, the commune of genes)  continuous in the direction of parent-cell momentum until it is impressed that it is not in the position and in the dedicated task framework in which its parent cell was…and it seeks and sometimes assumes a new dedicated task framework.

Is not this is,  in essence,  the meaning of a Stem Cell?


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