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Terrorism, Fundamental Islam, and Darwinian Evolution

March 4, 2006

Sep 30, 2001 Dov in biologicalEvolution

In spite of all assertions and explanations by its members, Islamic culture cannot and will not accept Western values, ethics, attitudes and Western social-political standards and practices. These are plainly and clearly competitive evolutionary threats to the survival of fundamental Islamic faith and culture, to the whole-hearted devotion to it. Western culture thus invokes Islamic terrorism, to counter this offensive threat to its survival and to its proliferation.

Islamic institutions and orgasnizations, wherever they are, by inherent Islamic cultural devoutness, are either cooperative with fundamental centers or practically controlled by them.

By basic evolutionary survival instinct Muslims declare and play-act tribute to things Western wherever/whenever they have to or when it gains them respite or an advantage. They rightly rely on the tragic naive mistaken assumption of Westerners who take it for granted that everyone, e v e r y o n e, thinks Western and believes Western and has Western morals/ethics….which is of course not the case.

We are witnessing a classical Darwinian evolution scenario of groups' survival competition between Cultures, ways of life, values and attitudes. At the present phase of the struggle Western Culture, off-guard in its pathetic and tragically naive relevant attitudes and assumptions, allows and enables the uncompromising competitive Fundamental Islamic Culture to take root and grow in its midst unsupervised and uncontrolled thus self-fostering its own clearly upcoming adversities.

This threat will no more cease and disappear from Western Society than an unopposed cancer ceases and disappears from a functioning living tissue, and it would be even more painful and disrupting, socialy/economically, to overcome this threat than for a living tissue to overcome a cancer.


Oct 1, 2001 ,

Ed Evans: Dov, you write: >By basic evolutionary survival instinct Muslims declare and play act tribute to things Western wherever/whenever they have to or when it gains them respite or an advantage.<

There's some serious error in Cartesian Dualism in your words. You're trying to tell us that a metaphysical ideology "evolved"?


Dov: Dear Ed, What I am telling you re why/how fundamental Islamic terrorism evolves and grows is based on my 77 years of life experience, since my birth and childhood among Muslims.

Re the philosophic aspects and the Dualism doctrine:

1) I report barely my observations of the behaviour of subjects.

2) I confess that I do not know anything about Cartesian Dualism.

3) Yes, I do regard Human social and cultural aspects as a bio-media that evolves in terms of Darwinian evolution.



(1)PS 2 July 2006

The pathetic and tragically naive Western attitudes assumptions are displayed even today, in Israel, by quite a few Israeli Jews of various convictions/hopes/precepts.


(2)PS 22 July 2006

What Is Western Culture

Per my concept "Western culture" is the ongoing dynamically evolving science-informed culture, tinted with aspects of a variety of regional/national/group/religious backgrounds. Its essential characteristic is a continuous flexible adaptation to ever evolving science-informed findings-comprehensions, with various degrees and modes of concurrent dismissal or modification of group's traditional supernatural cultural phenotypic aspects.


(3) PS 28 July 2006

TV debate re fndmntl Islam's vs Wstrn's mentalities:

Here it is, if you have'nt seen it yet…


(4) PS 10 Aug 2006

The Poisonous Snake



(5) 15 Aug 2006

Iran Entrenches Solidly in Non-Entity-Lebanon


Today, Aug 15 2006, the 2nd day of the Hisballah-Israel ceasefire, it is clear that fundamental Iran is indeed "winning" in its thrust against the "West" and Israel.

It is effecting a thorough abduction of South Lebanon from the non-entity-Lebanon, and taking over a considerable part of the so-called "Lebanese army", and establishing full control over all the population of S.Lebanon, turning S.Lebanon into an Iranian territory. Concurrently Iran is also gaining ever greater control of the "government" of the non-entity-Lebanon.

This is evolving plainly and obviously in full sight of the pathetically naive Israeli government and the "Western powers" who foolishly assume/expect that Iran/fundamental-Islam follow UN-supervised international agreement (… glaringly vaguely worded…) in a "Western" manner…


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