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Humans and evolution

March 3, 2006

Dec 2000,  Dov to Scientific American.

In the Sept 2000 Sciam P & P Morrison lists some major features of the unique Humans' evolution versus their predecessors. In the October 2000 issue Julie Lewis reports that in his latest book Paul E. Eherlich deals with the damage humanity does to its environment.

These matters are some of the aspects of the latest vast panoramic Life evolution process on Earth.

Genes were, most probably, the earliest organisms on Earth. Then evolved membraned cells to improve survival environments for their gene residents. Then evolved the symbiotic associations of dissimilar individual cells into single unified cooperative cells with further capabilities to modify also their protoplasm. Then came the symbiotic associations of monocells into polycell organisms with further capabilities to produce and modify the cells-surrounding environment within the polycell organism.

All evolution processes until the emergence of Humans involved trial-and-error physical modifications prompted by the sole Life drive to survive (and multiply, which is to survive). The departure of Humans from their predecessors was a new mode of evolution mechanism. As the mental capabilities of Humans reached a critical scope a novel evolution mechanism became feasible and more efficient for surviaval than physical adaptation. The novel evolution mechanism comprises each and all forms and aspects of culture of Humans including social, religious, all arts and all of science.

With Humans' appearance on the Earthly scene we acquired the capabilities and the awsome responsibilities of affecting other Earth Life forms and of affecting some aspects of Earth's environment. The Natural Life drive and charge for us is to do whatever is necessary for the survival and proliferation of Human genes…


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