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Genomic lesson: reconstruct biology

March 3, 2006

13 April 2001, Dov in biologicalEvolution forum.

Dov: > I sent this to Nature and to HMSBeagle, but so far it has not, yet?, been printed there…<

A most profound and stirring lesson of the recently published genomes drafts is, for some strange reason, not mentioned nor discussed :

This lesson is that reconstruction of biology has been due ever since biologists adopted the appearance of cellular life on Earth as the Big Bang of Life.

Genomes, all genomes, make most sense if you accept that celled life evolved from pre-celled life which, by our present knowledge, might have been based on individual archaic genes that evolved and speciated into more elaborate genes, some of whom entered into symbiotic associations, some of whom celled themselves, some of whom formed further intra- and/or inter-cells associations, etc.,.

If you adjust your conception of the evolution of life to such a scheme you realize that in-cell chromosomal genes associations, genomes, are products of evolution of their individual constituents much like the present mono- and poly-celled Earth organisms are products of evolution of their earlier cellular forms, all being products of evolution of their in-cell residents, all being products that evolved and are designed SOLELY for the replication of their in-cell residents, their genomes.



Reaction from herboteck:

Hi Dov,

I posted this on

It is a very interesting point to consider. Certainly not enough attention has been paid to this idea.



Dov: Thank you very much Herb.

I doubt,  though, that the "institutional" Biology establishment will even acknowledge the idea as a remote possibility, simply because there is no "reference" with it…

Thanks again.


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