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Photons on holoey path

March 1, 2006

Sept 26 1999,  Dov to Scientific American,

To: [email protected]

Re: Holey Magic,p.24,July 1999 issue.

My Sciam issues are piling up on my desk long unopened for lack of reading time. Just opened the July issue and arrived at the one-page report re Holey Magic. As I read the report of some of the work, results and the theoretical breakthrough two thoughts cross my mind :

First, there is a striking similarity between the photons following the electrons holoey path and a steered flow of a hydrophylic liquid on a surface, even on a common home driveway, by pre-forming a water-wetted path for it to follow. In the common wet case on a driveway the driving steering force is surface tension. Very similar to the proposed theoretical breakthrough for the case of photons on an electron layer.

And second, there is a striking similarity between the watery surface tension directing force and the electronically photons drawing. A quaint reminder of the awful not yet understood nature of "energy" and the comprehensive material/energy relationship.


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