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Drive and actuation of evolution

February 24, 2006

March 13 1999,  to PalPsych,  re "mussels/starfish research".

Re "Pelletier's experiment" with mussels and starfish : if you have ONLY the related "abstract" you should be careful with assessment and conclusion. More info is needed, such as  (1) quantitative data,  (2) did predator have measurable preference for specific mussel species ?,  (3) if/when predator removal followed by reduction to one species you need data re to which one of the species and re effect on actual versus possible density of survivers.

Per my "nature of life" concept the "master inhabitants" of the mussel cells mutate to somewhat different species in response to endangered survival, and when the danger is no more they assume the optimal configuration for proliferation, which is their ONLY biological drive.  This, per my feeling, is a universal process in all systems of multi-life-forms.

I submit that evolutionary aspects may be better understood and explained if assessed at the base level of the "space-ship-base-cell" rather than at the "space-station-clustered-cells-organism" level. By prevailing concepts the CALL for evolution is triggered by something(s) outside the total organism and is actually carried out at the level of in-cell polynucleotides.

What is the connection between the two events ?

By my concept of "Origin and Nature Of Life" evolution is DRIVEN and carried out at the in-cell inhabitants level consequent to their receipt of information from the cells-cluster, from the total-organism level. The approach and practice of carrying out evolution of the in-cell inhabitants master controller(s) is a step-by-step mutation/assessment. Mutate and assess, further mutate if needed and assess again, etc.,.


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