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Natural Selection To Self Replication Is Gravity

August 7, 2013

On The Essence And Matrix Of The Universe-Life

The following three sentences are the shortest data-based TOE…seriously !

Natural Selection to Self Replication is Gravity

Self-replication is the ultimate mode of natural selection is the essence and drive and purpose of the universe. Period.

The pre-Big-Bang singularity is the ultimate self-replication of the cycling
mass-energy universe. Period. (mother of universal SR mode…)

Earth’s RNA nucleotides life is just one of the myriad modes of

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

-The 20yrs development, and comprehensive data-based scientism worldview, in a succinct format.

-The Genome is a base organism evolved, and continuously modified, by the genes of its higher organism as their functional template.

- Everything in the universe derives from mass-energy duality, from the  universe cycle between its two poles all-mass/all-energy.

- The Origin Of Gravitons is the ONLY thing unknown-unexplained in the Scientism Universe.

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