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Western-Islamic Cultures Confrontation

September 15, 2011

Western-Islamic Cultures Confrontation

( posted in BiologicalEvolution forum 30/09/2001 and later e-mailed it to the Washington Post)

In spite of all assertions and explanations by its members, Islamic culture cannot and will not accept Western values, ethics, attitudes and social-political standards. These
are plainly and clearly competitive evolutionary threats to the survival of fundamental Islamic faith and culture, to the dedicated devotion to it.

This is why Western culture invokes fundamental Islamic terrorism, to counter this
offensive threat to its survival-proliferation.

Islamic institutions and organizations in non-Muslim countries either cooperate with fundamental centers or are controlled by them. By basic evolutionary survival instinct
Muslims in Western countries declare and playact tribute to things Western wherever/whenever they are pressed to, or when it gains them respite or an dvantage. They rightly rely on the tragically naive mistaken assumption of Westerners who take it for granted that everyone everywhere, surely everyone, thinks Western and believes Western and has Western morals/ethics…. which is of course not the case.

The clash between Muslim and Western cultures is a classic Darwinian evolution scenario of distinct groups’ (phenotypes’) survival competition between Cultures, ways of life, values and attitudes and government systems. At the present phase of
the struggle Western Culture, off-guard in its pathetic and tragically naive assumptions, allows and enables the uncompromising competitive fundamental
Islamic Culture to take root and grow in its midst unsupervised, thus self-fostering its own clearly upcoming adversities.

This threat will no more cease and disappear by itself from hosting Western societies than an unopposed cancer cease and disappear from a normal living tissue, and it
would be painful and disrupting, socially/economically, to overcome this threat.

In the specific case of Israelis and Palestinians the two cultures and Peoples are tragically geographically intertwined, the Western Israeli culture posing a real cultural undermining threat to the Muslim Palestinian neighbors, countered by terror
against Israelis.

Palestinians, aided by some Muslim states, have done and will do everything “to throw the infidel Jews to the sea” simply because the exsistence of a Western democratic Israel in the midst of Muslim countries is an unacceptable affront and threat to a Muslim. And the Israelis have foolishly weakened their natural moral right
to carry the fight against the Palestinian terror into Palestinian territory by having set up Israeli settlements in territories earmarked for Palestine, even if the Palestinians have not accepted the 1948 UN partition-establishment of the two separate states and have since then been trying to “drown the infidels in the sea…”.

A way out of this tragic deadly affair might be concurrent public commitments, by Israel to resolve the Settlements problem and by the major Western Authorities to then not interfere with Israel’s fight against terrorism. Any way out involving
commitments/agreements by Palestinians in lieu of real life actions has proven by experience to be doomed to failure. This state of affairs, plain and simple, is overlooked or not admitted by governments that seek to maintain good relations with any Muslim country.

The Western world should bear in mind, though, that Israel’s dilemma with the Palestinians is not just a local minor international headache, but the most obvious
manifestation of an international serious problem that already caused, and will
undoubtedly cause again, inflammations in other places in the world. (end)

Dov Henis


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