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Patents monopolize living organisms

March 12, 2006

Dec 10, 2004 Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum.

Viruses and genes are living organisms.

Browsing through the article and some links of:

"DNA Patents Create Monopolies on Living Organisms", From the Council for Responsible Genetics, at

I suggest the following comment:

In my opinion a gene is a living organism and genes commune associations (genomes) are living organisms, going way back to pre-cellular archaic RNA organisms. Some of the archaic pre-celled organisms celled once (like bacteria) or twice (eukaryotic), enveloping their essential ambient environments/supplies within their outer cell walls. Some pre-cellular archaic genes, viruses, celled with protein or protein-lipid walls without their essential ambient environments, supplies and entourage and as their environments and supplies dwindled they found it easy/simple to exploit their big rich cellular relatives that did cell their essential ambient environments, supplies and entourage together with their genes…

I conjecture that the initial Earthly base living organisms were pre-RNA oligomers that occured in a "constellation" in which the combination of energy flow/balance plus the combined presence of their predecessor molecules with the entourage of associated molecules happened to be in the direction of replication of this archaic gene, thus initiating Earth life. This is why I posit that Life is a bubble of energy system, an energy-storing system initiated and maintained by energy, in a reverse direction of the observed universal thermodynamic drive to a state of ever dissipating order and energy.


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