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Universal Fractal Approach

March 10, 2006

Fractal Universe Approach

Oct 19 2004 Dov, in Science Forums.

I look everywhere for expression of fractal constitution of matter and of process. This stems from my gut/rational assumption that every phenomenon cannot but be a repeat-elaboration of a base smaller-scale similar phenomenon.

Having an information background in some Life sciences I see ALL aspects of Earth life as a fractal affair. But I feel that all, every studied phenomenon and process everywhere, may and can and should be analyzed for the variety of its possible , probable, plausible fractal predecessors.

Thus, with only scan occasional information background in cosmology, I wonder if, for example, there is a fractal link between the sought unified theory and the presently known state of the universe and the behavior of quarks according to Quantum ChromoDynamics,  i.e.  that as the distance between two quarks decreases, the magnitude of the color force between them also decreases. Thus, if quarks are close enough together, they can behave as free particles, and conversely, the color force becomes stronger between two quarks as they move farther apart, which runs counter to forces such as electromagnetism and gravity, which increase in magnitude as two bodies approach one another.


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