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Life, death and black holes

March 10, 2006


Oct 19 2004 Dov, in Science Forums.

We wonder whether humans will ever learn what and whence have big-banged to become our universe, from where and how was genesis. We also wonder if we may ever learn the genesis of Life. Meanwhile, by contemplating what death is, it may be speculated that life is a self-replicating system for storing energy in the combined forms of ordered structures and inter-related chemical reactions. During Life the system, the "buble of energy", exists in a format that is counter to the universal process of ever degrading order and dispersing energy. Upon dying, the ex-living system reverts to return to the ever degrading universe.

Maybe Life and "black holes" are some manifestations of a phase of the "pre-big-bang" universe, when it "impanded" (opposite of expanded) to become what eventually big banged and started re-expanding (?) circa 14 human billion years ago…

And maybe there is not one universe but two or several universes acting on each other, some simultaneously expanding as other(s) are impending, answering partly the riddle of the missing weight of "our" universe.

Skye (Australia): What's wrong with the word 'contract' as the opposite of expand?

Dov : Impansion seems to me a proper term for implying a process reciprocal and complementary to the specific above-mentioned universal expansion…


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