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Humans are vain

February 25, 2006

February 17 1999,  to H-NEXA,  re Evolution as tautology.

Humans are probably the only vain creatures on Earth, if not in the niverse(s). In studying, analyzing and assessing natural phenomena we tend to apply our present criteria and judgement. We forget that we are in the process of being formed now, that we are very young in age, just a short time following the H.Erectus phase that instituted and stimulated our unique brain capabilities. We should humbly remember that all the present natural phenomena were here long before we were here and capable of being aware of them and that all forms of life are still evolving further and so are we. This may guide us to seek and understand life not in terms of human concepts and to deem ourselves simply as creatures that by a fortunate accident acquired the capacity to observe and comment. And as the complexity of the universe(s) is infinite and unfolds in an infinite number of stages so our observations will continuously evolve as we ourselves evolve.


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