The Brains IS The Organism

The Brains IS The Organism

A. Rising carbon dioxide confuses brain signaling in fish.
Nerve cells respond to acidifying waters.

B. The brain IS the organism.

The brain of multicellular organisms is the evolutionary progeny of communities, cultures, of earlier unicellular organisms.

The drive and purpose of life, of self-replicating mass formats, is the natural selection of life’s primal organism, which are life’s RNA nucleotides, the RNAs. Life IS an RNA world, evolving from and maintaining-replicating the RNAs.

C. Quote: “Fish normally show a preference for turning one direction versus another, the piscine equivalent of a human’s left- or right-handedness.”

This sentence requires two corrections:

1. The “fish direction preference” is towards enhanced feed or oxygen or energy supply. Normal for all organisms. Normal natural selection for all mass spin formats, BOTH animate AND inanimate.

2. “human’s right-handedness” is an evolutionary product of human tooling culture. ALL genetic modifications are products of RNAs (genes) response-adaptation to culture. It is the culture horses that pull-effect the genetic modifications (including addictions), NOT the genetic wagon that pushes the culture horses.

Dov Henis

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