Evolution Is Predictable, Of Course

Is Evolution Predictable

Of course it is.

Approximation, proportional to extent of included considered factors.

And AFTER comprehending what evolution is…


Is Evolution Predictable



From DH comment on


Origin And Nature Of Natural Selection

Life is another mass format, a self-replicating mass format.

All mass formats are subject to natural selection.

Natural selection is the delaying of conversion of mass to the energy fueling cosmic expansion.

Cosmic expansion is the reconversion of all the Big Bang singularity mass to energy.

Natural Selection Updated 2010, Beyond Historical Concepts:

Natural Selection applies to ALL mass formats. Life, a self-replicating format, is just one of them.

Natural Selection Defined:

Natural selection is E (energy) temporarily constrained in an m (mass) format. Period.

Natural selection is a ubiquitous property of each and every and all cosmic mass, spin array, formats, from the biggest black hole to the smallest physical particle. Mass strives to increase its constrained energy content in attempt to postpone its reconversion to energy and to postpone addition of its constitutional energy to the totality of the cosmic energy that fuels the cosmic expansion going on since Big Bang.

Dov Henis

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